Business Process Management

Iterop is the Business Process Management (BPM) platform automating the management of your processes.

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BPM : an essential tool to enhance your organization

Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach that focuses on optimizing and automating business processes. Much more than a tool to help the organization, it helps to harmonize practices and improve internal and external collaboration.

BPM serves businesses!

Not only does BPM formalize your operations but it also improves them. Track your business, set performance metrics, and reach your goals faster than your competitors.

Inform, communicate and collaborate!

BPM greatly enhances collaboration within teams. Indeed, it allows all the data, documents and actors concerned to be brought together in a single process. Thus, there is no more loss of information.

Accurate tracking

With a BPM tool tracking the various exchanges, data and documents related to the processes, teams keeps precise records of their. With a dynamic follow-up of the process, the teams quickly become aware of the progress of a file processing for example.

« Iterop BPM allows us to track our daily orders easily and efficiently »

– B. Lahournère, Commercial Director,Lahournère Printing Services

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