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Iterop is a very simple solution to track and automate your business processes and workflows.

Design your processes

Use them daily

Pilot your activity

Monitor your processes in real time

Easily identify the overall progress of your workflows & processes. Visualize the exact progress of each process, and access all the all the related information. Facilitate steering and decision making.

  • Real-time accurate tracking
  • Identification of bottlenecks and blocking points
  • Viewing statistics using charts
  • Customizable Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)

Automate your operations

Simply Represent you workflows and process with an intuitive Drag and Drop interface. No need to change your global daily operations! You can integrate your business rules (alerts, timers, specific triggers…) directly into your processes

  • Use an international standard (BPMN 2.0)
  • Visualize your diagrams with great accuracy
  • Assign tasks to actors, step by step
  • Create custom forms

Carry out your tasks with great simplicity

Receive notification of the tasks you need to perform in real time. Visualize your position in the process, access useful information and complete your tasks using appropriate forms.

  • Prioritize incoming tasks
  • Configure automatic alerts
  • Manage staff absence
  • Automate computerized tasks

Remain agile, simplify continuous improvement

At any time, quickly adapt your processes according to newly emerged constraints, and redeploy the lot within your organization. You can easily edit the process diagram, the actors’ assignments and the embedded information.

  • Refresh your processes without disrupting operations
  • Use versioning to keep track of your updates
  • Redeploy a specific version in one click

« Iterop seduced us in its ease of implementation and its accessibility. Today, 30 staff members use the solution daily and 70 more occasionally. »

– G. Bruni, Head of coordination and purchasing, Toulouse Métropole

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