The SESAME model

SESAME (Structure to Evaluate and Support A process Maturity in Enterprise) is a diagnostic and support tool for BPM maturity developed in partnership with the Mines d’Albi Industrial Engineering Centre.

Ensuring the success of your BPM project

Starting from your organisation, our consultants assess your company’s current maturity (Diagnosis) and formalise the next steps to be taken (Solutions).


  • Assess the company’s current level in terms of process management
  • Suggest efficient recommendations to improve the maturity of the company
  • Optimise the digitalisation of companies

For whom is the SESAME methodology intended?

For every company wishing to evaluate their operations and obtain a roadmap of the objectives to be achieved in order to digitalise their activity.

Our consultants trained in the SESAME methodology will guide you from the audit phases to the implementation and orchestration of your business processes.

Our BPM support

How does it work?

To be fully mature, a company must have achieved 27 objectives. The SESAME model displays them along 3 independent dimensions. Furthermore, the model suggests an “ideal path” to reach the highest BPM Maturity, using Iterop’s BPM software as a facilitator.

The method is based on the potential of new technologies (BPMS, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing…) to help companies reach higher levels of maturity.

Your initial framework

Each company has an “initial profile” corresponding to the basis of a professional activity: Skills and Activities Identified, know-how, and effective doing.

Your final goal: digitalisation

The problem is not in the identification of processes but in their management and improvement. With the SESAME methodology, you guarantee the construction of a robust, monitored and improved process management system.

Our partnership with Mines Albi Industrial Engineering Center

Since the creation of the company, Iterop has been working hand in hand with the industrial engineering centre of the Mines Albi School. More than that, most of the consultants working in the team come from the Industrial Engineering Center and most of them have a PhD in industrial systems. The SESAME model is the result of a PhD research work.