About Iterop

We believe that all companies should be able to access a workflow process management solution that is simple, quick to set up and fully adapted to their operations.

All companies aspire to better quality of service and increased responsiveness of their employees when faced with demands from customers and/or suppliers. Consequently, the need for structuring has exploded in recent years.
A first approach to process management was introduced in 1880, with a goal of solving organizational problems, and the concept underwent a great expansion from the early 2000s onwards; since then, numerous solutions have emerged to meet this demand, without being flexible enough to generalize their use in all companies.

The problem lied in the fact that these tools were difficult to access, long and complex to set up and therefore aimed more at large companies which would in turn possess the necessary resources to integrate them.

As a result, Iterop was born with a simple but central goal: make available, to all companies and all employees, a process management solution that would be simple to use, quick to set up, and one which doesn’t require any particular technical knowledge.

This led to the development of our own workflow and process management solution, available entirely online.

Since 2013, we have endeavored to help our customers fight the battles of unproductive email threads, lost data, never-ending follow-ups, non-complied deadlines, and the general lack of structure in their daily operations. Our goal? Make their lives easier.

Our solution’s flexibility makes it easy to implement and meets the needs of many companies of any size. Small organizations can thus formalize and optimize their processes with ease, while larger, better formalized companies, may benefit from increased fluidity and agility in their existing processes.

Aurélien Codet de Boisse & Nicolas Boissel-Dallier,
Founders of Iterop.

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